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News in 2024

David Hunia web gallery

Whānau first - David Hunia

When David Hunia started with QRS he quickly got used to being asked how his father-in-law was. David is the...

13 May 2024

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Philip Molina for web

Father, footballer, and eager for change

Phil Molina is adding new skills to his already wide range of unique talents now that he’s joined QRS’s concreting...

22 April 2024

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Takurua Edwards web gallery

Punching above his weight - Takurua Edwards

Takurua Edwards, 17, is one of QRS’s youngest employees, but he has some very mature goals.

17 April 2024

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Jordan McFarlane for web

Hunting for his new goal - Jordan McFarlane

Labourer Jordan McFarlane was in his happy place last weekend hunting pigs and deer for entry into the Tiniroto...

10 April 2024

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Thomas Perston digger canva

Thomas Perston representing region at national big dig this weekend

Thomas Perston is experiencing a mix of nerves and quiet confidence ahead of his well-earned opportunity to...

13 March 2024

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Jason and Rob Switched On Canva

Report highlights rebuilding and re-investing

WORKING on high value contracts during the community’s time of need means we can help rebuild Wairoa while...

13 March 2024

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David Mildon for web gallery

Coastal curiosity to roading repair

WITH one science degree, one marine studies diploma, and three decades as a chef, David Mildon’s life experience...

22 February 2024

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News in 2023

Michelle Hedley canva

Staff step up during rain events

When manager of road maintenance Michelle Hedley took the call in the early hours of Sunday 26 November, she knew...

19 December 2023

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OpsBuildingOpeningCeremony 1.10.1

Operations Hub at QRS now open

The Operations Hub at QRS is open, and the timing and its location couldn't be better. It's a great place for...

13 November 2023

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Untitled design 2023 11 06T133814.191

Thomas Perston from QRS wins top excavator title

THOMAS Perston from Quality Roading and Services continued the company’s tradition of excellence in excavator...

6 November 2023

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CCNZ ForHayley 3.2.1

Diggin' It

Thomas Perston delicately opened, and then poured a bottle of beer, using a five-and-a-half tonne digger. The feat...

19 October 2023

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Guy Gaddum canva

Opportunities created after challenging year

BOARD chair Guy Gaddum paid his respect to steadfast and loyal Quality Roading and Services staff working in the...

13 October 2023

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Lauren Jones for website

Introducing board member Lauren Jones

Board member Lauren Jones is helping Quality Roading and Services build Wairoa back better and faster.

25 September 2023

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Raupani Bridge wide shot web gallery size

Regional bridge repairs two-thirds of QRS’s construction mahi

Bridge repairs and reconstruction make up about two-thirds of Quality Roading and Service’s construction division...

3 July 2023

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Jimmy Holland for web gallery

Looking to the future - Jimmy Totoro

JIMMY Totoro has prioritised his future by making two significant decisions in the past six months – receiving hi...

29 June 2023

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Sharron and Bill canva for web gallery

Motorcamp staff and QRS share the load

THINGS had been quiet at Wairoa's Riverside Motor Camp since Cyclone Gabrielle blew through, floodwaters bowling...

21 June 2023

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Wairoa web gallery size

Proud to make a $1.05 million contribution

Quality Roading and Services board members have proposed a $1.05 million contribution be made to the company’...

19 June 2023

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The pull canva

Removal of Te Reinga Bridge colossal team effort

The scale of work to remove flood-damaged Te Reinga Bridge near Wairoa this week is unlike anything else Quality...

16 June 2023

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Te Reinga Bridge snip for video

Te Reinga Bridge removal

Quality Roading and Services and teams of specialised contractors are working to winch the remains of Te Reinga...

14 June 2023

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DMagio canva for web gallery

Engineering Cadetship for Wairoa College graduate

Quality Roading and Service's engineer cadet programme is combining on-the-job experience with formal study for...

9 June 2023

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Kotare Bridge No 1 FB custom size

Kotare Bridge No 1 repair

Earthworks and the reconstruction of some parts of Kotare Bridge No 1 abutments over Mangapoike River continue...

8 June 2023

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Tyne Reedy website gallery

Apprentice auto electrician Tyne Reedy still pulling things apart

AFTER years spent pulling apart old home appliances, Tyne Reedy is now putting his curiosity to good use as an...

6 June 2023

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Ohuka Rd canva

Building resilience in Ohuka Road

Quality Roading and Services staff continue to maintain Ohuka Rd ensuring it remains a resilient lifeline for...

31 May 2023

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STR 1725 2MB

Te Reinga Bridge to be removed

Preparations are underway to remove the broken Te Reinga Bridge by setting it down into the river and dragging it...

19 May 2023

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Peter Thompson canva 2

New staffer helps out after flooding

NEW QRS store person Pete Thompson got his feet wet in his new job from the minute he walked in. Literally. “I...

17 May 2023

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Kate Maddock canva

Kate and whānau hit the ground running

AFTER 20 years away from Wairoa, Kate Maddock and whānau have hit the ground running.
“My kids love thi...

15 May 2023

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Kingston and Trent B and W edit smaller

QRS awesome foursome reflect on fighting for the kids

Wairoa’s Fight for Life in April delivered welcome entertainment and channelled much-needed funding into Wairoa...

5 May 2023

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Morere Culvert

Morere Culvert Replaced

Quality Roading and Services staff and Currie Construction from Gisborne successfully replaced the collapsed...

3 May 2023

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Horse JPEG 3.6.1

Hero Horse and Tumanako

Two Quality Roading and Services (QRS) lakie staff have been hailed as heroes during Cyclone Gabrielle after...

20 April 2023

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Tommy Watts canva

Tommy Watts thinking of home whilst tearing into competition

Local motocross rider Tommy Watts’s thoughts are with Wairoa as he rips into a new year of national and...

19 April 2023

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Boxing video screen shot

Fighting for our community

FOUR Quality Roading and Services staff will be in the ring at next weekend’s Fight for Life helping raise money...

24 March 2023

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Cyclone Gabrielle QRS Response Video Snip

QRS: We'll keep cleaning up after Cyclone Gabrielle for as long as it takes

We'll keep cleaning up affected areas and roads for as long as it takes. QRS: your people, your solution, you're...

8 March 2023

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DJI 0245 small file

Maintaining access and clearing silt and flood-damaged properties priority for QRS

Maintaining road access and clearing silt and flood-damaged property in Wairoa are the priority activities for...

7 March 2023

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Screen shot for environmental video Jan 2023

We care for the environment

At QRS we care for our environment while we work.

30 January 2023

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News in 2022

Te Reinga Bridge pools canva

QRS wins construction award for ingenious Te Reinga Bridge work

Quality Roading and Services (QRS) has earned industry acclaim for an ingenious bridge repair that involved a...

6 December 2022

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November emergency response snip

Emergency response

Check out some never-before-seen footage from the devastating March 2022 floods.

3 December 2022

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Kingston Taulapapa canva

Introducing Kingston Taulapapa

GROWING up in West Auckland, Kingston Taulapapa was playing league when, at the age of 13, he was shoulder-tapped...

18 November 2022

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Guy Gaddum canva

It's an exciting time to be part of QRS

Quality Roading and Services has continued to perform strongly despite a year of worldwide change and turbulence...

16 November 2022

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Caitlin Thornton Canva 2

Right at home: Caitlin Thornton

Twenty-three year old Caitlin Thornton is right at home working in Quality Roading and Service’s traffic...

8 November 2022

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Final before after

Special purpose to get road open

Tumanako Waiwai and seven Quality Roading and Services colleagues have been praised for their efforts to reopen...

19 October 2022

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Jared Spence OUtward Bound

There's always more in you: Jared Spence

DRENCHED and cold, labourer Jared Spence sat down in his sodden tent and wrung water from his sleeping bag. The...

3 October 2022

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Pete Wairau canva

How are you? QRS poses the question.

When staff did a wellbeing survey this year people and capabiities manager Peter Wairau didn’t know that Quality...

29 September 2022

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Glenn in his shed canva

Bounding back to health - Glenn Bradley

ADVENTURE course Outward Bound has propelled QRS engineer Glenn Bradley to rethink the way he lives, works, and...

28 September 2022

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Trent Hedley and Justin Bell JT Builders

Local company first in line for Wairoa-made concrete

OWNERS of local residential building company J&T Builders were first in line for concrete made in Wairoa thi...

21 September 2022

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Mohi Smith canva

East coast roading in his blood - Mohi Smith

It was road work that took Mohi Smith's whānau to Matawai in the mid-20th century, and road work that helped him...

3 August 2022

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Nadia White canva

Award-winning company inspires application

Nadia White was so impressed when Quality Roading and Services won a Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce Supreme Award...

21 July 2022

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Shaun and Bubbles 2

QRS mowing operators impress

MOWER operators Shaun Hadcroft and James ‘Bubbles’ Wieczorek are developing their skills and careers at QRS thank...

29 June 2022

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Sponsored students

Wairoa students thrive in their chosen path

This year Quality Roading and Services is supporting four Wairoa students in their chosen area of study or sport...

8 June 2022

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Jacob and Aaron canva

QRS new traffic management division for hire

Quality Roading and Services's new traffic management division is available for contract across the North Island'...

24 May 2022

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Te Reinga Bridge canva 2

QRS uses swimming pools to help strength test Te Reinga Bridge

A healthy dollop of Kiwi ingenuity from Quality Roading and Services and WSP engineers, helped ensure the Te...

20 May 2022

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Siobhan Storey FB

Siobhan Storey announced as new QRS chief financial officer

Siobhan Storey, Ngāti Kahungunu and Ngāti Pāhauwera, has been announced as chief financial officer at Quality...

3 May 2022

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Kotare Rd befor and after canva

Two steps forward, one step back - progress continues

Quality Roading and Services staff are working hard to repair and reopen roads today after ex-tropical Cyclone...

14 April 2022

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Bruce Emberson canva

Bruce Emberson putting the community first

Operator Bruce Emberson enjoys every single day, even the turbulent ones!

8 April 2022

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Aaron Ruawai 2022 canva

Stormy weather and no two days the same

Hard-working and always cheerful, Aaron Ruawai threw his heart and soul into helping open up Wairoa’s roads last...

31 March 2022

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Mike Varley canva

Thank you to another of our emergency response team

Mike Varley was one of QRS’s emergency response staff this weekend helping reopen State Highway 2 at Turiroa. ...

30 March 2022

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Friday morning

Hard working heroes help keep Wairoa moving

Quality Roading and Services emergency response staff have been described as hard-working heroes after they worked...

29 March 2022

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Jeremy Harker 2022

It's our people that make the difference

Quality Roading and Services (QRS) made a $50,000 contribution to its owner and provided timely financial support...

24 March 2022

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Isa mowing graphic

Mowing the length of New Zealand - twice!

QRS’s long reach mower operators Isa Robertson (pictured working on Tunanui Rd), Tim Winiana, James Wieczorek and...

28 February 2022

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News in 2021

community centre pic

Christmas boost for Wairoa Community Centre

The Wairoa Community Centre has received a welcome Christmas boost with local civil contractor firm Quality...

20 December 2021

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alex little

A little bit of effort goes a long way

At 23, Alex Little has become the youngest qualified diesel mechanic in Quality Roading and Services’s workshop...

17 December 2021

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Hydrovac canva

QRS’s hydro-excavation technology safeguards region’s underground cables

Quality Roading and Services is using the latest ground excavation technology to safeguard the district’...

30 November 2021

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Untitled design 98

QRS wins construction award for Rangatahi Drop-out repair in Mahia

A challenging coastal road drop-out repair has won Quality Roading and Services (QRS) a regional construction...

25 November 2021

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Nick Murray canva

Nick Murray, now driving the roads, not building them!

After 33 years with Quality Roading and Services, construction crew leader Nick Murray has swapped his company...

16 November 2021

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Museum canva

QRS donation acknowledges mahi of museum supporters

Christmas has come early to Wairoa Museum after local company Quality Roading and Services announced a $40,000...

16 November 2021

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Keeanu Lackner canva

Former kiwi conservationist now carrying on family tradition

KEEANU Lackner, Ngai Tuhoe, had been on the job only a few months when he was shoulder-tapped to do the Wairoa...

5 November 2021

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Jeremy Harker canva for annual report

QRS gives back to community in multiple ways

Quality Roading and Services has returned over half a million dollars to its owner and sole shareholder Wairoa...

28 October 2021

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Plant operator advert

Calling all plant operators

PLANT OPERATOR vacancies are available now at award-winning civil contracting company Quality Roading and...

30 September 2021

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Jacob Paku STR 8574

Jacob Paku rises to the challenge

In one week, Jacob Paku was promoted, turned 20, became a father for the second time, and went into a Level 4...

27 September 2021

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Peter Wairau Canva

Peter Wairau - new QRS people and capabilities manager

Quality Roading and Services has announced Peter Wairau as the company’s new people and capabilities manager. The...

22 September 2021

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Joanne Mitchell colour

Jo brings happy vibe to QRS work sites

LIFE has come full circle for Joanne Mitchell, and she couldn’t be happier. After leaving Wairoa College in the...

16 September 2021

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Glenn Bradley

Solutions genius celebrated for 20 years of service

Described by some as a solutions genius and others as an automotive industry surgeon, Glenn Bradley this week...

31 August 2021

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Cricklewood before and after

QRS emergency staff lending a hand around Wairoa during lockdown

Quality Roading and Services emergency response staff have been quick to lend a hand around Wairoa as the town...

20 August 2021

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Sydney Rore STR 9496

Sydney nets her dream job

PREMIERE netball player and former lifeguard Sydney Rore is relishing the life skills she’s learning at Quality...

12 August 2021

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Jack Te Amo canva

Jack jumps at QRS learning opportunities

IF Quality Roading and Services could be assured of just one thing in employing 19-year-old Jack Te Amo, it’s that...

5 August 2021

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Jeremy Harker FB

Local leader Jeremy Harker to head up QRS

Local leader Jeremy Harker was announced this week as new chief executive of Wairoa company Quality Roading and...

29 July 2021

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Brandon Hall canva

Auckland’s loss is Wairoa’s gain!

AUCKLAND’S loss is Wairoa’s gain now that Brandon Hall has joined the Quality Roading and Services team. Brandon...

27 July 2021

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Untitled design 51

QRS finds new confidence under Nigel Pollock

Departing chief executive Nigel Pollock gave Quality Roading and Services the confidence it needed to become a...

14 July 2021

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Group canva

Staff never stop learning at QRS

Machine operator Tumanako Waiwai has been motivated to pursue a management role after completing a Wairoa Rotary...

25 June 2021

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Wairoa Boxing Club image for web

Sparring drills and life skills from Wairoa Boxing Club

BOXING training can change a youngster’s life for the better, say Wairoa Boxing Club trainers Moana Foster and...

21 June 2021

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Image used in website

Blessing and sod turning mark start of operations hub

SIX long-serving staff were given the honorary task of turning the first sods of dirt during a blessing ceremony...

14 June 2021

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New Barker Brdige in May 2021 Canva

QRS and Lattey Group pay homage to bridge builders of old

Fifty-five years ago Barker Bridge on Ruakituri Road was built by a very busy TJ Greig who’d successfully tended...

31 May 2021

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Influenza vaccination montage

Staff roll up their sleeves for better health

Quality Roading and Services staff Alex Little, Epanaia Whatuira, and Tumanako Waiwai rolled up their sleeves in...

28 May 2021

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Pink shirt day canva

Pink Shirt Day in support of mental health awareness

Dressed in varying shades of pink, a group of QRS staff were part of national Pink Shirt Day - a movement to end...

26 May 2021

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EPro8 video snip

EPro8 Wairoa 2021 | The Video!

EPro8 Wairoa 2021 makes maths and science electrifying! The event last month was a huge success and hopefully...

13 May 2021

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Tahaenui Bridge closure image for fb 7988 CANVA

SHW 2 closed at Tahaenui Bridge midnight Saturday 15 May to 5am Sunday 16 May.

State Highway 2 will be closed at Tahaenui Bridge, near Nuhaka, from just before midnight on Saturday 15th May to...

11 May 2021

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Lance Maxwell canva

Even at the weekend he's working on motors!

GROWING up in rural Wairoa, Lance Maxwell would drive his parents nuts dismantling any engine he could get hi...

5 May 2021

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John Menneer screenshot canva

Rock star John Menneer

We think QRS Quarry Manager John Menneer is our most academic staff member! With a Bachelor of Science (biology...

15 April 2021

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Thomas thumb nail

Thomas Perston latest star of QRS Road to Success Recruitment series

Meet road maintenance site supervisor Thomas Perston. Thomas is part of the QRS 'Your road to success' recruitment...

7 April 2021

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Te Mahia School collage canva

This is how WE do maths and tech!

Epro8 makes maths and science electrifying, reckons former automotive technician and now Te Mahia School principal...

1 April 2021

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Nigel resigns April 2021 canva

Nigel Pollock resigns as chief executive, Quality Roading and Services

Quality Roading and Services board chair Guy Gaddum has today accepted Nigel Pollock’s resignation as the...

1 April 2021

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car travelling over Tahaenui bridge NZTA canva

Tahaenui Bridge brings back memories

AS a young girl Davena Morunga can remember travelling over Tahaenui Bridge. Now, 35 years on, Davena is project...

29 March 2021

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Guy Gaddum canva

Record six months but the future remains uncertain

Quality Roading and Services has made a record $1.6m pre-tax profit in the six months to December 2020, but it...

29 March 2021

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Epro8 think like James Bond

Think like James Bond at this year’s EPro8 challenge!

One of this year’s top-secret EPro8 challenges has a James Bond twist organisers have revealed ahead of the annual...

26 March 2021

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trent zeilstra canva

Trent moves into apprenticeship

Well-known former Wairoa Club bar manager Trent Zeilstra has started a civil infrastructure apprenticeship with...

12 March 2021

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News in 2020

Joe Winiana screen shot 4 canva

QRS ‘Your road to success’ recruitment campaign spotlights familiar faces

Quality Roading and Services has released its highly anticipated recruitment video campaign ‘Your road to success’...

18 December 2020

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ISO image canva

International ISO recognition for QRS

Road users and customers can be rest assured that when they come into contact with QRS it's earned international...

17 December 2020

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Staff on concrete base at culvert canva

QRS secures Mahia road with giant 'Lego' wall

LIKE a Lego wall built with a giant mechanical hand, support for a drop-out on Mahia East Coast Road is taking...

16 December 2020

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Juddy canva

Juddy finds voiceover fame!

Well known Wairoa man Justin ‘Juddy’ Kaimoana has become an audio sensation after nailing the role of voiceover...

8 December 2020

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trent zeilstra canva

Award-winning company offers trade trifecta

Hot on the heels of winning Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce Supreme Business of the Year, Quality Roading and...

7 December 2020

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group shot cropped for canva web

Supreme award recognises QRS’s economic and social responsibility

Quality Roading and Service’s balance between economic support for council and its social responsibilities to the...

23 November 2020

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Chris McGregor canva

QRS role a 'homecoming' for hometown boy Chris McGregor

IT was a bit of a homecoming for Chris McGregor when, in September, he reported for work as Quality Roading and...

10 November 2020

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Screenshot of Kaylah winning 50m freestyle heat

Kaylah smashes personal bests!

WAIROA teenage swimming sensation Kaylah Reynolds shucked off the challenges of lockdown when she smashed seven...

9 November 2020

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Facebook version canva

QRS staff upskill at unique Northland training centre

Quality Roading and Services continues to improve its talent pool of experienced staff after selected supervisor...

29 October 2020

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Little yellow digger canva

Strong balance sheet drives QRS’s continued investment in Wairoa

Civil construction and roading company Quality Roading and Services (QRS) delivered strong results for Wairoa...

22 October 2020

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Financial photo

Six-month fixed term contract for a financial controller

We’re currently looking for a financial controller for a six-month fixed term employment contract (maternity...

16 October 2020

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Realignment from drone canva

Nuhaka River realignment rectifies historic cyclone damage

A joint effort to realign Nuhaka River has reopened land access and is helping prevent further environmental...

15 October 2020

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Annual Report 2020 screenshot

Annual Report 2020

Please find a copy of the QRS Annual Report 2020. Total revenue for the year was $26.2 million with a consolidated...

24 September 2020

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Jeremy Harker FB

Congratulations to Jeremy Harker on completing a post-graduate diploma

Congratulations to Quality Roading and Services people and capabilities manager Jeremy Harker who has just...

28 August 2020

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Whangawehi canva for FB

Whangawehi repairs

Sea, salt, wind and rain are constantly reshaping Whangawehi Harbour so this month Quality Roading and Service...

27 August 2020

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Govt media release image

PGF support for Wairoa creates jobs

The Provincial Growth Fund investment of $3.78 million in Wairoa will create much needed economic stimulus and...

7 August 2020

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Operations hub speakers

Business efficiency and potential unleashed

A modern fit-for-purpose operations hub will unleash our business efficiency and potential, says Quality Roading...

7 August 2020

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IMG 9296 canva

Collaboration key to Mahia road project success

A bunch of “top men and women” working together to improve the roads around Mahia say their uniquely-collaborative...

1 August 2020

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Joe Culshaw FB size

“There’s NZTA certified…and then there’s Joe Culshaw certified”

Expert heavy transport operator Joe Culshaw retired from Quality Roading and Services this month leaving a legacy...

29 July 2020

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Kinikini Rd slip before and after collage

Kinikini Rd repair

Residents and forestry planting contractors are thrilled with Quality Roading and Services’s repair work to fix a...

27 July 2020

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Wattie Te Amo Facebook

Keeping QRS's wheels turning - Wattie Te Amo

By morning smoko Wattie Te Amo may already have driven more than 200 kilometres. “You have to get to every site...

21 July 2020

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Isa robertson canva

Isa Robertson right at home at QRS

ISA Robertson is well familiar with big machinery – after leaving Wairoa for the “bright city lights” of Sydney...

8 July 2020

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FillWyI0MDAiLDI2N10 Bob Drysdale FB

Bob the builder retires

Retired builder and town footpath repair veteran Bob Drysdale has great advice for any Wairoa residents who might...

19 June 2020

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Aaron and Willow Flat Rd

Aaron saves the day

A Havelock North couple stranded near Kotemaori on Friday afternoon has thanked QRS project supervisor Aaron...

18 June 2020

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Quintin maths

Maths matters!

Quality Roading and Services’s Quintin Baty has earned his Certificate in Highway Engineering (Civil) and overcome...

29 May 2020

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Kaylah and Joanne canva

Lockdown couldn't cage Wairoa swimmer!

MAY 4 was set to be a big day for Wairoa's Reynolds-Smith whanau. Thirteen-year-old Kaylah Reynolds and mum Joanne...

13 May 2020

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COVID testing on Henry canva

COVID-19 testing at QRS helps form community picture

Quality Roading and Service staff helped health officials with surveillance testing this morning in a collective...

8 May 2020

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QRS temp final pic

We're back and we're busy!

Quality Roading and Services staff were “amped” to get back to work this morning after having their temperature...

28 April 2020

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Quintin Baty canva

Engineer road-ready and raring to go!

BY the fourth week of lockdown Quintin Baty had spent lots of quality time with his wife and teenage son, done...

27 April 2020

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Wairoa sign canva

QRS set to thrive post-pandemic

A combination of caring for people and good management and planning means Quality Roading and Services goes into a...

24 April 2020

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QRS to close during lockdown

The New Zealand Government has will shift the COVID-19 status to Level 4 tonight (Wednesday 25 March) to fight the...

25 March 2020

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Covid 19 fb image used

A message to QRS suppliers, customers and other members of the public re COVID-19

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation develops in New Zealand we are monitoring it closely and following...

19 March 2020

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Karen Burger cropped STR 7751

Top performer promoted as Karen Burger departs

As Quality Roading and Services farewells chief financial officer Karen Burger, succession planning means most of...

18 March 2020

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STR 1759 Siobhan Storey

Meet Siobhan Storey - QRS's new financial controller

Finance administrator Siobhan Storey will take over a large amount of the financial strategy and reporting task...

18 March 2020

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Kaylah Reynolds canva

Kaylah dives into national champs

It’s 4.30am when dedicated teenage athlete Kaylah Reynolds hears her mother’s knock on her bedroom door...

14 February 2020

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Toots Rowlands 2 canva

'Toots' jumps the ditch

After 15 years in Australia Waa ‘Toots’ Rowlands is immersing himself in Maoritanga and life at Lake Waikaremoana...

10 February 2020

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News in 2019

Fenton Wilson canva

Wairoa in new QRS board member's bones

Although he was born in Waipukurau, new QRS board member Fenton Wilson grew up on the inter-generational...

3 December 2019

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Trade cert recipients 2019 canva

Civil contracting distinction for three QRS staff

When you start at the bottom it’s important to be recognised as you move up within your chosen industry, says one...

22 November 2019

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NZTA award 2

NZTA award recognises health and safety commitment at QRS

Senior Quality Roading and Services staff have paid credit to fellow Hawkes Bay civil construction company McNatty...

8 November 2019

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QRS record profit image

Record breaking profit growth at QRS

Locally owned Wairoa civil construction and roading company Quality Roading and Services has made a...

17 October 2019

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Fairy springs collage final

Fairy tale ending for Fairy Springs track repair

Wet feet are a thing of the past on the stunning Lake Kaitawa Fairy Springs track now that Quality Roading and...

24 September 2019

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Kauri canva

Youngster has opportunity

At 16 years old Kauri Gray, Ngāti Kahungunu, is the youngest member of the Quality Roading and Services team but...

2 September 2019

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STR 0125 Tiakiwai King small

Foot on the pedal for his future

With a stake in the future as an automotive engineer, young Quality Roading and Services labourer Tiakiwai King...

27 August 2019

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Melissa Stanaway canva

Melissa Stanaway rides into QRS

THE team in Quality Roading and Services' workshop have new competition for the title of company grease monkey...

15 August 2019

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Guy Gaddum canva

Most important part of this company are the people, says QRS board chair

Guy Gaddum knows the value of hard graft – growing up near Gisborne, his quarrier dad would wake his sons at 4am...

8 August 2019

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davena morunga canva

Davena makes her mark

Davena Morunga, Rongomaiwahine, is making sure the region’s newest road safety measures don’t disrupt existing...

4 August 2019

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DJI 0620 smaller

Mind the gap at Mahia

QRS has been helping apply a temporary repair to the Mahia East Coast Road near the Waitapatu Culvert where...

24 July 2019

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David Proctor canva

NZ transport expert David Proctor joins QRS board

Quality Roading and Services newest director has worked on significant transport projects in every corner of New...

23 July 2019

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DJI 0575

Mind the gap

QRS has been helping apply a temporary repair to the Mahia East Coast Road near the Waitapatu Culvert where...

15 July 2019

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STR 9745

Maintaining drains no brainer

Locals would face more flooding, washouts and potholes on rural roads if it wasn’t for QRS maintaining 30km of...

15 July 2019

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STR 9463

Te Uhi Hill retaining wall

Wairoa’s stunning hill top gateway has been reinforced now that a dropout to the side of Te Uhi Hill has been...

15 July 2019

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DJI 0637

Waiau River washout

It’s taken QRS six months to rebuild a portion of Waiau River bank after significant washouts compromised the...

15 July 2019

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Sam Jury canva

Sam rides the rail again

He knew they could fix it, he just didn't think they would fix it, so when the Wairoa-to-Napier rail line reopened...

10 July 2019

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Ian Redshaw canva

Well-known local businessman farewells dynamic company

Well-known Wairoa businessman Ian Redshaw farewelled Quality Roading and Services as a director last week saying...

28 June 2019

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Rose Campbell canva

Rose to join NZ Police

As a student at Wairoa College, Rose Campbell, Rongomaiwahine, was perhaps best-known for her fine vocal skill...

14 June 2019

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PGF fund

Training hub for civil contracting sector one step closer

A training hub in Wairoa for Hawke’s Bay’s civil contracting sector is one step closer thanks to a Provincial...

13 June 2019

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Michelle Hedley canva

Roading expert returns to hometown

IF there is anything Michelle Hedley knows – it’s roading; and now she’s chosen to take the road that leads back...

27 May 2019

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Rob Mayhead canva

Rob getting ready for workshop makeover

When Robert Mayhead says he's ready for a new challenge, he doesn’t think small!
A relative newcomer to QRS, the...

30 April 2019

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Arnold Smith canva

Construction site supervisor Arnold Smith

Having started work at QRS straight out of Wairoa College, Arnold Smith already has nearly seven years of service...

22 April 2019

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Aaron Munro canva

Meet project supervisor Aaron Munro

When we caught up with QRS project supervisor Aaron Munro he was anxiously waiting for a new digger to arrive from...

15 April 2019

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Age Concern Janne Ira 2

Age Concern Wairoa

Age Concern Wairoa’s general manager Rebecca Everson says the relationship with Quality Roading and Services help...

20 March 2019

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John Menneer canva

QRS secures $29 million in contracts in just one week

Quality Roading and Services (QRS) has started the year by securing $29 million in contracts around Hawkes Bay and...

15 February 2019

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Nick and Phil canva 2

QRS stalwarts go the distance

DON'T be fooled by the air of calm that surrounds Quality Roading and Services staffers Nick Murray and Phillip...

31 January 2019

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News in 2018

The big pine tree


When arguably the biggest pine in the district smashed onto Clifton and Lyall Road near Frasertown on 7 March...

19 December 2018

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waste management canva

Waste management better left to the experts

Looking after the environmental challenges associated with landfills and recycling are key components of waste...

7 December 2018

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Tui Paikea threading canva

Three QRS excavator operators take win!

Machine operator Tui Paikea delicately opened and poured a bottle of beer with a five-and-a-half tonne digger to...

19 November 2018

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Oliver McGuigan and Rob Mayhead FB

Open day kicks off an extraordinary QRS auction

A 30-tonne excavator and a 40-tonne dump truck, as well as smaller civil contracting machinery, come under the...

2 November 2018

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Robust turnaround of fortune for QRS

Robust turnaround in fortune at QRS

A robust turnaround in fortune saw revenue at Quality Roading and Services up by $2.4 million to $15.8 million...

18 October 2018

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Karen Burger canva

Wairoa, we're behind you!

AS an accountant Karen Burger is used to watching the pennies but there are times when she loves to loosen the...

28 September 2018

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Facebook post for bike park story

QRS input boosts thriving Bike Park!

WITH weeks of bad weather behind them and their first big event due on Thursday, the guardians of Wairoa's new...

18 September 2018

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20180107 102931

Bike Park

With weeks of bad weather behind them and their first big event looming, the guardians of Wairoa's new Mountain...

1 September 2018

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Before and after slip 38 image for FB

Camaraderie and common sense see slip moved

Camaraderie and common sense saw an estimated 1000 cubic meters of slip material with at least half covering the...

7 August 2018

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Paul Eaglesome canva

Paul Eaglesome – health and safety compliance officer

Dividing his time between work sites and the office Paul Eaglesome says he has the best job in the world. “My job...

23 July 2018

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Peter Wairau Canva

Peter Wairau, the communicator

Peter Wairau doesn’t really have a word to describe a big chunk of the work he does at QRS. The health and safety...

19 July 2018

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Aaron Hoskin canva 2

Attraction of Wairoa lifestyle too hard to ignore

QRS’s signs technician Aaron Hoskin is synonymous with dozens of others Aucklanders taking advantage of the Wairoa...

6 July 2018

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Before and after slip 38 image for FB

Take the Long Way

Camaraderie and common sense saw an estimated 1000 cubic meters of slip material with at least half covering the...

1 July 2018

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Papa Phil canva

Papa presides over parks and reserves

They don't call Phillip Tipu “Papa Phil” for nothing - after more than two decades of driving a lawnmower, he'...

29 June 2018

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Jacquie Burrows FB canva

Jacquie Burrows – payroll administrator

Since she joined QRS in mid-2017 payroll administrator Jacquie Burrows has yet to see the day when a colleague...

1 June 2018

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Stefini B C FB

Stefini Burling-Claridge – administration manager

When it comes to keeping things ship-shape at QRS HQ, Stefini Burling-Claridge knows what she's talking about . ...

28 May 2018

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Emma Wills FB

Awesome admin team: Emma Wills

QRS would grind to a halt if it weren't for four fabulous administration team members including Emma Wills. Read...

23 May 2018

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Waitahora Bridge night crew

Birth of a new bridge!

A woman in labour was one of the last people across the old Waitahora Bridge on Friday adding to the drama a...

14 May 2018

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Bridge new closed

Birth of a Bridge

A woman in labour was one of the last people across the old Waitahora Bridge on Friday 11 May 2018 adding to the...

11 May 2018

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Waitahora Bridge FB

QRS 68 hour bridge challenge

Quality Roading and Services Wairoa will make local transport history in the weekend when the Waitahora Bridge i...

7 May 2018

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Welcome to wairoa FB

Return to profit for QRS, staff publicly thanked

QRS, Wairoa’s second biggest employer, has declared a return to profitability today and the board chair ha...

1 May 2018

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Ria Waerea web ready

Bilingual signs in time for festival

“E Tū” . . . “halt!” That's the message from QRS courtesy of its shiny new bilingual signs being used at the Ngāti...

20 April 2018

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Shar Hawkins and truck web ready

Women in roading: Shar Hawkins

AFTER only three years at QRS, Shar Hawkins is a great example of paving a pathway for future female operators in...

18 April 2018

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Frances Lee FB size

Mowers cover enough ground to get to Queensland!

Frances Lee and her colleagues mow the equivalent of Auckland to Cairns every year as part of QRS’s road...

29 March 2018

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Wairoa College First XV FB 2

First XV raw talent excites

Wairoa College’s First XV training squad is blessed with raw talent says new coach JJ Solomon, and QRS is backing...

22 March 2018

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jason tuahine driver assessment FB size

Regular driver assessments impress

Newly introduced regular driver assessments at QRS have been met with universal endorsement.

20 March 2018

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Mike Wilson Stacey Pompey Lee Pomana

Civil contracting apprenticeship for three QRS staff

THREE veteran Quality Roading and Services staff have gained Civil Trades Certification this week giving them...

5 March 2018

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John and Mike FB size

From police stations to playgrounds

He's built police stations in the Soloman's and worked in Western Australian mines, but QRS project manager Mike...

2 March 2018

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mangahohi culvert FB size

QRS making a difference

Since coming on board with QRS, project manager Mike Wilson has overseen some significant QRS roading project...

2 March 2018

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SP38 at 26.2 before and after Feb 2018 2

Lake Road Slip

What a difference a day makes! When this slip closed Lake Rd near the summit on Tuesday 13 February 2018, our guy...

13 February 2018

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News in 2017

STR 2095 Low

Local pride in award-winning living building

Malcolm (Muzz) Tuahine, Ngai Tuhoe, is thrilled Te Wharehou o Waikaremoana developed by Ngai Tuhoe has won a...

23 November 2017

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STR 2028 Low

Meet Muzz – Ngai Tuhoe, manager, father, Lakie, good guy!

Malcolm (Muzz) Tuahine, Ngai Tuhoe, has plenty to keep him busy in the job he loves at QRS.

23 November 2017

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sport sponsorship web ready

Local sport

QRS loves sport! We get in behind athletics, football, rugby, netball, motocross, bowling, rodeo, boxing and cro...

23 November 2017

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wairoa ap show

Wairoa A&P Show

QRS is a passionate supporter of the Wairoa A&P Show. The country exhibition and fair is dedicated to celebrating...

15 November 2017

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Mangahohi bridge

Mangahohi Bridge

In 2017 QRS was contracted by the New Zealand Transport Agency to replace the single-lane Mangahohi Bridge, and...

14 November 2017

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wild winter 2017

Wild 2017 winter

Between 5 April and 14 July 2017 the region was hit by three massive weather events: Cyclone Debbie, ex-tropical...

14 November 2017

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playground picture 1

Wairoa Destination Playground

QRS is engaged in earthworks in preparation for development of the Wairoa Destination Playground.

14 November 2017

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Te Wharehou o Waikaremoana

Te Wharehou o Waikaremoana

QRS was very proud to be involved with the creation of the new visitor centre and living building Te Wharehou o...

14 November 2017

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Picnic tables

Picnic tables for travellers

QRS has helped make a small, but welcome difference, to a rest area south of Wairoa.

14 November 2017

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Pukekaramea repeater station

Pukekaramea repeater station

In 2017 QRS commissioned a state of the art digital radio communications network that allows it, and other user...

14 November 2017

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ResizedImageWzYwMCw0MDBd qrs 3

The Gaiety Cinema and Theatre

While staying well out of the spotlight QRS has quietly supported Wairoa’s Gaiety Cinema and Theatre to the tune...

14 November 2017

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str 1037 low 1

$1.3 million revenue increase pours wages into homes

Revenue at Quality Roading and Services was up by $1.3 million to $13.3 million and nearly half of that poured...

13 November 2017

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nigel pollock qrs ceo oct 2017

Proposed company restructure to propel QRS into the future

A proposed significant restructure at Quality Roading and Services Wairoa could help the company win contracts and...

5 October 2017

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str 1291 low 2

That man deserves a chocolate fish - Rob Ruru

Late last month QRS supervisor Rob Ruru received a shout out for his grader expertise. Here he talks a little bit...

27 September 2017

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str 1118 low 3

New QRS CEO is listening...

​Not long after Nigel Pollock started as the boss of Quality Roading and Services, the QRS office took a charged...

26 September 2017

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nigel pollock 3

Wairoa’s Nigel Pollock to head Quality Roading and Services

Wairoa man Nigel Pollock has seized the chance to take the reins of the district’s biggest civil construction and...

9 June 2017

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